Rolled Alloys Lab Services

Rolled Alloys Metallurgical Services (RAMS) is dedicated to our customers and can provide the following services at no cost:

  1. Failure analyses:  we have more than 60 years of technical experience with both heat resistant and corrosion resistant alloys.  We have the knowledge and equipment to conduct comprehensive material analyses.

  2. Samples:  are you designing or modifying equipment?  Do you need to know which alloys will work?  Do you have an existing unit not performing as expected or suffering from corrosion?  Rolled Alloys can provide you with sample coupons for insertion into your system during actual operation and evaluate which alloys will work best in your system based on these samples' performance in live testing.

  3. High temperature oxidation studies:  Rolled Alloys has furnaces in which we perform high temperature oxidation studies in order to compare your current material to potentially better options.  Rolled Alloys will perform the oxidation study, calculate the performance and weight gain analysis, and provide the data for your consideration.

  4. Corrosion testing:  Rolled Alloys can do lab based corrosion testing including G48 in order to compare specific alloys anticipated performance in salt water.

  5. Positive Metal Analysis:  Do you have a piece of metal with no traceability or identification markings?  Using a portable XRF spectrometer, we can analyze the composition of your material.  While this is not an official chemistry, it can often identify your alloy or narrow the choice to just a few options.

Our metallurgical team can also answer metallurgical questions and offer guidance on materials selection.  We can provide you with data to make sound engineering decisions.  Contact us at 1-800-521-0332 and select option # 2, for metallurgical assistance.  You can also submit questions through our website, using the following link.
Note:  While our lab performs over 70 metallurgical analyses per year on average, we are not a fully accredited lab.